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Adlene Aris, Suzie Yanti Muhamad Lagis, Norazian Abdul Aziz, Azira Azlin Shaharuddin, Azmuddin Ibrahim

Last modified: 2017-01-02


This research sought to fulfill three (3) objectives; 1. To study the audiences’ perception towards the dengue awareness campaigns based on the visual content in the campaign, 2. To study the audiences’ perception towards the dengue awareness campaigns based on the verbal content in the campaign, and 3. To study the audiences’ perception towards the dengue awareness campaigns based on the type of media used for the campaign. This research is a combination of quantitative (survey) and qualitative (in-depth interview) method based on a non-probability sampling (purposive sampling) of 738 respondents from three (3) areas in Selangor namely Shah Alam (269 respondents), Subang Jaya (199 respondents) and Petaling Jaya (270 respondents) and six (6) informants of which two (2) from each area. These respondents and informants were chosen based on the following criteria; 1. Malaysian citizens, 2. Selangor residents (more than 5 yearsof residency and aged from 25 years old to 50 years old). The quantitative data received were analyzed through SPSS and tabulated according to the objectives of the research. Meanwhile, the qualitative data were categorized according to themes and tabulated also based on the research objectives.


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