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PRELIMINARY STUDY ON THE BREEDING TECHNIQUES OF , Neolissochilus soroides (Duncker,1904)
Intan Faraha AGhani, Diana AWahid, Sharr Azni Harmin

Last modified: 2016-12-31


Tengas or Copper Mahseer are highly demand and commercially sought after angler. It has significant aquacultural and conservational values but still no study has been done on the reproduction and breeding technique for this species. To protect the species from extinction, few attempts were undertaken to breed and produce seed of Tengas in a captive rearing system. Fish were acclimatized, artificially fed and prepared to breed in captive conditions. Two breeding methodology with the use of hormones is discussed in this paper. However, this species was not successfully bred due to several factors. Induced breeding for this species is possible if the broodstock is matured enough to spawn and the provision of better climatic conditions in spawning tank may help to induce the maturity in this species.



Fish Breeding



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