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Rohaya Abu Hassan, Saliyah Kahar, Haslinda Sutan Ahmad Nawi, Rasidah Sardi

Last modified: 2017-01-03


It is critical for a private higher learning institution to gain and retain its competitive advantage.  This could be done by increasing its ability in term of value of the services that fits their stakeholders’ needs. Among major issues related to academic management are the time consuming factor that lead to the poor management in handling the academic audit process of graduating students. This paper reports the design of the Graduation Audit Reporting System as an alternative way in order to minimize and simplify the academic audit process. Three focus groups with different criteria have been interviewed in order to collect feedbacks regarding the current practice of the academic audit process of graduating students. Data gathered from a total of 22 respondents were analyzed and had facilitated the design process of the Graduation Audit Reporting System. As a result, the process of the current academic  audit process eliminated several tedious tasks such as student need to key-in grades into MS Excel, ease the report compilations in preparing lists of graduate students to be approved in Faculty Academic Board and endorse in the Senate meeting. The web-based system that automates the academic audit process becomes a competitive value-added service to the University in the aspect of harnessing the potential of Information Technology.


academic audit, graduation audit, private higher learning institution


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